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30 ene. 2013

Bargains in the Spanish Stock Market?

Of course, Spanish Stock Market is not S&P500. There are just over 200 listed conpanies in Spain.

In the begining of the crisis lots of foreing dollars fleed from Spain directly proportional to the rocketed risk premium of Spanish bonds. But Spain has major companies which perhaps you  know really well and you did not know that share adquisition is available. Are those company stock bargains?. It's your choice!

This is a brief resume, some of five of the more importat Spanish listed companies.

1. SANTANDER. Santander Bank is one of the biggest banks  around the word. Santander business model mix deposits and investmentet. This is not a good clue from the American experience.  But Santander has been sustainable for years whith this model. Santander  profits sank from the beginnig of the economical crisis.

2. BBVA. It is one in five of largest banks around the world too. BBVA was founded from public and private banks that mergerd in the 80-90's.

2. Telefonica. Telefonica was founded in the 20's. Is one of the largest European telecom companies. South America investements are rally important. Currently telefonica has changed its model  "client by free terminal" by offering good prices in "all included" packages. It is breaking its dependecy with movile phobe manufactures. Telefonica develops also a sarthphone with Mozilla Foundation, the developers of Firefox. 

4. Grifols. Wikileaks cabels talked about Grifols as a strategical company for the United States Goverment. The reason is its wirlwide control on blood deriatives sources and processing. Grifols has a broad range of thechnologies on blood procesing and diagnostics, as well as other medical areas. American investors are important shareholders in Grifols.

5. Iberdrola. Iberdrola was settled from the merging of several smaler Spanish energy companies. Today is a major player in the Word Energy Market. Nuclear and renovable energies are important part of its portfolio.

6.Inditex. ere are other important companies. One of them, Inditex, ishas been the most profitable Spanish stock in the later years. Other comanies as Ferrovial(infrastructures), Viscofan, Tecnicas Reunidas are important companies with good fundamentals and consistent profits.

We are sure that you can know more about spanish stock market in this link.

Good luck.

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